Estate Planning

Moment of reflection…Love your family? Yes?  Have you got a Will? No?, Let’s get started today.  We can ease your mind by getting it done.  Strong Int’l Law Group is your trusted family attorney, ensuring that you and your family or your business enterprise are taken care of through “thick and thin.”

We understand the sensitivity of great gain as well as great loss and how each situation affects families forever. We help position you for the best possible outcomes, rain or shine. Our goal is to take away worries about facing major life events alone and without preparation.

Our Estate Plans and Lifetime Service

Our comprehensive family estate plans provide all you need with the complete protection you deserve. We integrate your goals and concerns into a plan that’s just right for your family.  No family is the same.  No plan stays forever. With Strong Int’l Law Group, we’ll make sure you’re able to conveniently keep your plan up to date and relevant to the situation.

Business Succession Planning

We also have businesses in mind when planning for your life twists and turns.  Businesses have a unique opportunity to prepare for the next generation.  Let us help you keep your legacy alive and go towards the next level of success.  We can help you plan before, during and after your business transitions.  With our staff whom all run their own businesses, we know your challenges.  We can help.  Are you interested in exploring your options for planning and staying

Your Next Step

Are you interested in exploring your options for planning and staying ahead? Then we’re here to help you feel secure in knowing all you’ve built and work hard for is protected.

Are you already facing a crisis? If so, we extended our deepest apologies and welcome you to talk with us so we can do everything possible to resolve your situation and try to ease your mind.

No matter what situation you’re currently facing, you can give us a call at (253) 221-0285 or email us for a meeting at our offices. We can also meet via Skype if that’s more convenient.