How to Get Letter of Appointment to Deal With Husbands Assets

Q: How to get a Certified Letter of Appointment.:
my husband recently passed away need to get the house and a car in my name, also some money he left. We live in Texas.

A: Keith’s answer: Hello Pat, I understand the frustration of how to manage an estate after a loved one passes away. My condolences. Texas as in Washington State requires probate for some title transfers. To get a letter of appointment may need to go through the court system and start a probate of that estate to get the authorization. Once a probate is opened, you will get a certified letter of appointment to manage the affairs of that estate. You may benefit by contacting an probate attorney in TX because he/she will know all of the details of processing that estate more efficiently. Without the court letters, most banks, mortgage co. or government will not deal with you just because you are a relative. Most entities will need that court appointment. Once obtained, you will have smooth sailing to get things done. Essentially, you may need to open a probate.

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