Andreta M.C. Armstrong

Andreta received her Juris Doctorate from Seattle University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree for Mass Communications through the University of Washington and is a certified State Trainer and Mediator. She has extensive knowledge of the law, business and personal development. Although her accomplishments are what most consider extraordinary, she puts being a wife, daughter, sister, and aunt above all else.

Andreta has performed over 750 hours of 1:1 success strategy sessions with a variety of clients including executives, students, and hourly workers. She was a former instructor at Pierce College, Evergreen State College, Antioch University, Heritage University, and Chapman University. She’s become a motivational speaker known worldwide for her message that all possibilities exist each moment. Andreta has also published a book entitled, The Unlimited-Self Handbook: A Guide to Personal Empowerment.

Andreta’s worldwide distribution of “Power & Possibility” has soothed the troubled minds acorss the globe by sending inspirational messages over smooth jazz melodies.  With spiritual wisdom of the ages, Andreta has coached countless individuals to “be all that you can be” in a stragetic achievable vision.