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Open during crises…

March 31, 2020

Open During Covid All of our employees are fully equipped to work from home with the same set-up we have…

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Estate Plan in 14 days

March 23, 2020

Now that you are home and I have your attention. Let us prepare an Estate Design for your family and…

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Estate Planning

We help position you for the best possible outcomes, rain or shine.

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Welcome to Strong International Law Group, LLC

25 Years of Experience

We aim to efficiently and effectively evaluate complex legal issues to find solutions that work for our clients. We aggressively protect the aspirations of our clients while consistently reflecting best practices as determined by the law both locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Business Owners

Good Counsel should be the voice of reason that business owners most likely do not have because they are too close to their business and dreams.



Working with families with effective estate-planning, wills, and trust.


International Law

We can also provide a program to keep your plans up to date and your issues resolved down the line, no matter what happens.


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